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What my clients say about their experience of therapy...


"Working with Heather has been nothing but a dream. While sessions at times have been challenging for me, Heather has gently pushed me towards dealing with the issues I was hoping to tackle. She is highly professional, considerate, and always compassionate and reasonable. Being given things to work on during the week has also meant that I have felt supported between sessions and provided with tools to help me tackle life head on and with more compassion.



"Heather helped me realise that my extreme responses and feelings were rooted in one single event, which had come on top of a period of huge personal and professional stress.  I had resolutely refused to address it; pushed it away and kept it buried until panic attacks, anxiety and terrifying periods of dissociation made me realise I did need help.

Heather supported me as I finally came to grips with those experiences. She encouraged me to relive them in a supportive context and explained how my responses were in fact reasonable reactions to unusual events. She gave me explanations and tools to help me come to terms with what had happened and to cope with what comes next.

We discussed the tough stuff; she made me laugh and she made me cry, but Heather is a brilliant professional who brought  her own personal touches of empathy, reality and humour  to help me reframe  some of the most difficult times in my life.

Thank you."


"Thanks to the work I did with Heather, I slept through the night for the first time in 16 years. The nightmares which have plagued me since my time in Iraq and Afghan, no longer make me wake up in the night covered in sweat. Her  compassion and willingness to listen to the worst moments of my life, meant that I was finally able to put the past behind me."

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"My sessions with Heather have been life changing. She has helped go from feeling that my anxiety would never be within my control to being something I can manage and not rule my life. I always felt comfortable and fully supported throughout my therapy." 


"You have given us our son back. We will never be able to thank you"

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