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Experienced Specialist Counselling Psychologist.


There are many reasons why individuals choose to access therapy and it can be a daunting, sometimes painful, step. Please be assured that, with over a decade of experience, I offer an even-handed yet supportive approach in a safe, confidential setting.


If you...


Are feeling disconnected from yourself and those around you.

Are struggling to manage feelings of anxiety.

Are managing your distress through strategies such as alcohol, illegal substances, or self-harming behaviours.

Have experienced a trauma, or witnessed a traumatic event.


I can help.


Seeking help from a qualified counselling psychologist  can be a positive step forward in addressing these difficulties. As well as working in private practice, I have over ten years of experience working within the NHS, National Crime Agency (NCA) and various charitable organisations, including Trauma Treatment International, Hibiscus and Medical Justice.

I specialise in working with individuals who have experienced trauma resulting in enduring mental health issues, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, as well as complex interpersonal and relational difficulties.

I have found a passion working with trauma through my experiences working with Combat Stress and Walking with the wounded. These are military charities for veteran's experiencing symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health difficulties associated with their service. I currently work in the NHS, as a senior chartered counselling psychologist, providing individual therapy, supervision and training in trauma informed care.


The term 'Chartered Counselling Psychologist' is a protected term, meaning that any professional using this term to describe themselves must be fully-qualified and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. When you access therapy with me, you can be assured that I am a reputable, highly-skilled therapist who adheres to stringent professional guidelines.


Working with veterans and emergency service personnel has provided me with a unique insight into how individuals manage their distress.

I have successfully worked with individuals whom have experienced a single incident trauma, as well as those who have experienced multiple traumatic events throughout their lifetime.

If you...

Have been in a road traffic incident 

Have been raped

Have been subject to torture or human trafficking

Have experienced domestic violence

Have been physically assaulted

Or witnessed conflict/war...H

I can help.

Many of my clients initially stated how they didn't feel that anyone would be able to understand their experience. You may also agree with this sentiment. Whilst it's true that we can never truly know another's experience, my extensive training and years of experience will help me to connect with your subjective experience, without any assumptions or judgement.

Together, we will work on processing these experiences to decrease your levels of distress and increase your wellbeing.


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